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Why give to Gospa Missions?

Because it's not about us - it's about leading souls to Jesus through the intercession of our Blessed Mother.

The Blessed Mother is the reason Gospa Missions exists! Her intercession for our founder, Tom, began our work. And, through her constant intercession, our work is sustained and made fruitful.

At the end of a year that has been so challenging, we give thanks that we are still here and able to continue our work. But we need your continued support to help us thrive and grow in a world that needs Our Lady more than ever.

Honor the Blessed Mother by giving or pledging to HER mission - Gospa Missions. Think of the ways she has interceded for you, has wrapped her loving arms around you, and led you closer to Christ. Together, we can bring more souls into her tender embrace.

In the coming year, we want to bring more souls to Christ by:
- Sharing our founder Tom’s story with more people through books and talks
- Publishing a quarterly newsletter
- Organizing a pilgrimage
- Hosting a conference
- Creating a chapel in our Evans City store

Give to Our Lady's Mission today or sign up for a monthly gift of $10, $25, or even $100 to support us throughout 2021 and know that your gift can make an eternal difference!

Give today!