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Our Lady of Mount Carmel by Ann Walker


Many Catholics wear a Devotional Scapular. If you don't currently wear one, consider learning more about this important sacramental and how it helps to prepare us for eternity. 

There are 18 different Scapulars that have been approved by the Catholic Church. The most well-known Scapular is the original Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. In an apparition on July 16, 1251, Mary appeared to St. Simon Stock and revealed the Scapular to him. Mary asked St. Simon (who founded many Carmelite Communities) to promote the wearing of the Scapular--a religious object--which is composed of two small pieces of wool cloth (most often shaped like a square and joined by connecting strips of thin fabric or cording) and worn like a necklace. One piece of cloth rests on the chest and the other piece rests on the back. Mary told St. Simon that "Whosoever dies in this garment shall not suffer eternal fire." That is encouraging for us since we know how important it is to spend eternity with Jesus in Heaven. 

Pope St. John Paul II said that "The sign of the Scapular points to an effective synthesis of Marian spirituality, which nourishes the devotion of believers and makes them sensitive to the Virgin Mother's loving presence in their lives. The Scapular is essentially a "habit." Those who receive it are associated more or less closely with the Order of Carmel and dedicate themselves to the service of Our Lady for the good of the Whole Church." 

Gospa Missions has a broad selection of Scapulars plus materials which explain in more detail the devotion to Mary through the usage of various Scapulars. Come visit us (in person or online) to find out more! Remember, when you shop at Gospa, every purchase supports our dual mission of evangelization and care for children in need. 

- By Ann Walker

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