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The Book of Saints and Heroes

The Book of Saints and Heroes

Stories have been handed down over the ages. In these fanciful tales, one can enjoy stories of courage, kindness, and piety. Learn much about the Saints and other religious figures, such as:

  • Saint Paul and Saint Anthony - The First of the Hermits
  • Saint Dorothea - Roses from Paradise
  • Saint Jerome - The Saint with the Lion
  • Synesius of Cyrene - The Reluctant Bishop
  • Saint Augustine - From Sinner to Saint
  • Germanus - The Governor Who Became Bishop
  • Saint Malchus - Captive Monk
  • Saint Simeon Stylites - Saint on a Pillar
  • Saint Cuthbert - Apostle of Northumbria
  • Saint Columba - The Exiled Monk
  • Saint Brendan - Sailor Saint
  • Saint Senan - Charm Queller
  • Saint Dunstan - Friend of Kings
  • Saint Margaret - Queen of Scotland
  • Saint Elizabeth of Hungary - The Pious Princess
  • Saint Louis IX - Saint and King
  • Saint Francia of Assisi - Preacher to the Birds
  • Saint Richard of Chichester - Bishop Without a Diocese
  • Saint Colette - Reformer of the Poor Clares
  • Saint Francis Xavier - Apostle of the Japanese
  • Saint John of God - Servant of the Poor
  • Saint Vincent de Paul - Founder of Hospitals
  • Saint George - Patron Saint of England

These marvelous legends and exciting true stories of Christian Saints and heroes will provide many hours of delightful reading to believers and non-believers alike!

319 pages

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