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For All The Saints by Ann Walker

From my earliest days in Church, I remember singing the following words:


“For all the saints who from their labors rest,

Who thee by faith before the world confessed,

Your name, Oh Jesus, be forever blest.

Alleluia! Alleluia!"


For all the Saints:

Regarding favorite Saints, I have lots of them. I always liked Saint Anne because she is my namesake. I credit Saint Anthony with helping me to find lost items. Saint Francis shares my love of animals. Saint Jude has provided me with understanding and persistence to get through some situations. Saint John Paul II had such a welcoming smile that made me want to imitate the warmth in which he shared his love for God. When I see pictures of Saint Therese of the Little Flower, I am reminded of my Grandmother who always prayed to Saint Therese with the hopes of finding some signs of God in the form of roses. My sister took my family to the Padre Pio Shrine, so Saint Pio became a family favorite. My father prayed to Saint Joseph all the time, and I realize how much of a protector Saint Joseph is for families. Saints Michael and Benedict are also protectors, so I know I have many Saints to go to for safe keeping. I could go on and on. I’ve prayed to a lot of Saints, and I know there are many I don't even know about. I have a thirst to learn more. I can do that!


Who from their labors rest:

I picture the Saints doing things to help others. They reached out to help people where others might have walked away. They helped even when they were tired. I can do that!


Who thee by faith before the world confessed:

It can be difficult to stand up for beliefs especially when people have such varying views. I don’t want to offend anyone by my self-righteousness. Does it hurt to start small and plant a small seed? Maybe we can confess our faith by our works. That wouldn’t be preaching but would be a good example. I can do that!


Your name, Oh Jesus, be forever blest:

A deep love for Jesus can grow even more by participating in workshops that the church offers…or prayer groups…or study groups…or by finding some good books to read in order to learn more. I can do that!


Alleluia, Alleluia:

The word "Alleluia" appears in many songs. Often, I think about how the Saints praised God. Then, I start wondering what it might be like to be a Saint. I appreciate things more; now that I am older. I am in awe that the Saints lived so selflessly. If they grew weary, they asked God for help to get them through the more challenging times. It is good to be open to what God has in store for us. I can do that!


Life isn’t always easy, but if we take a little time to try to live our lives like the Saints—by even trying one new thing each day—just think how much closer we can get to God in a short period of time! I can do that! 

- By Ann Walker


  • I don’t know how I forgot to mention St. Padre Pio in the original blog! So, I added him! He is a family favorite. It is wonderful that there are so many Saints to look up to and pray to…and yes, Mary too!

    Ann Walker
  • The feast of All Saints is very special to me. I have so many Saints that I pray to, but one of my all time is St Padre Pio along with St Pope JohnPaul, st Gianna Molla, St Francis and St Clair of Assisi, St Cecelia and of course Our Blessed Lady.

    Frances Fotia

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