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Blessed Fulton Sheen by Ann Walker

A simple thought for the day….

Have you seen the television show which started in the 1950s called, “Life is Worth Living?” At that time, Bishop Fulton Sheen became what I would call a “star” because many people enjoyed watching his interesting talks which related to everyday life and helped people realize that no matter what struggles are encountered, life is definitely worth living!

I have been thinking a lot about the sacrament of Confession lately. When we think back to things we have done in which we need forgiveness, I find it helpful to think about what I could have done differently and how I can do things better in the future. The introspection sometimes involves wonder—as in why did something happen? Why did it have to be painful or sad? What was my part in the sadness or discontent? How can I make amends? Hoping for some peace involves changes and the realization that with each step, we can continue to get closer to God.

I like this particular idea from Blessed Fulton Sheen: “God could never let you suffer a pain or a reversal or experience sadness if it could not in some way minister to your perfection. If He did not spare His own Son on the Cross for the redemption of the world, then you may be sure that He will sometimes not spare your wants that you might be all you need to be: happy and perfect children of a loving Father.”

What hope that gives to us! We can be made anew and keep striving to be what we have known all along – loved children of God.

- By Ann Walker

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