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Sacred Heart Diptych with House Blessing

Sacred Heart Diptych with House Blessing

Adorn a shelf, mantle, or bedside table with this high-quality, glossy wood 6" x 8" arched diptych. Incorporating a beautiful image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and a prayer for blessing your house, this durable diptych is a unique and perfect gift for any occasion!

The House Blessing Prayer:

  • Bless the four corners of this house, and be the lintel blest,
  • And bless the hearth and bless the board
  • And bless each place of rest
  • And bless the door that opens wide, to strangers as to kin
  • And bless each crystal windowpane, that lets the starlight in
  • And bless the rooftree overhead, and every sturdy wall
  • The Peace of Man, the Peace of God, the Peace of Love on All!


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