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Buy all four of Thomas Rutkoski's books together and save $24.90 - a 45% discount!

Apostles of the Last Days

This is a story of Divine Mercy and conversion. Through God's infinite mercy, He brought Thomas Rutkoski from twenty-seven years of darkness into the light.

In this autobiography, written in conversational style, Tom shares his life before and after his conversion from a taker, a consumer of all the materialism that life had to offer, to a giver, sharing all that God had given to him.

Great Divide

Thomas Rutkoski, a journalist and Catholic evangelist, comes forth to talk about problems in the Catholic Church and goes on to provide biblical, Catholic solutions.

Between heaven and hell there is a Great Divide, and a passive faith can lead to destruction. This book seeks to help us all become the saints we are created to be and stay on the right side of the chasm. This is not just a good book to read - it is a book you need!

Miracles and How to Work Them

As we journey along the treacherous path of life trying to find our way home to Heaven, there are many signs to guide the way. This book on how to work miracles is your road map. You can learn how to work miracles! Truth is stranger than fiction.

My Scriptural Rosary

Join Thomas Rutkoski as he guides you through the Scriptural Rosary, a powerful way to pray the rosary that provides scriptural support and understanding for every bead you pray.  It creates the story of each decade and each mystery to help your meditations to be more meaningful.

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