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Saint Benedict and Rising Above the Battles by Ann Walker

The early details of St. Benedict's life can seem like the makings of a thriller novel. Raised in a wealthy family (along with a twin sister, St. Scholastica), St. Benedict was privy to unbecoming behaviors of wealthy friends. After he left home, he got himself into some situations that he barely escaped such as poisonings and attacks from those who were jealous of him. He fought against his own temptations by rolling his body into a rose bush. He knew what he had to do to fight against evil and lived for some time as a hermit. Being called to do more with his life, he founded a monastery where he grouped everyone together and influenced the men with a virtuous rule. 

As a result of his being loyal to the Word of the Lord, St. Benedict is now known to hold a special place in the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It is believed that those who wear St. Benedict medals can receive special protections against evil. 

We, like St. Benedict, can rise above the circumstances of our lives and turn situations around for the good. God wants us to be aware of the choices we make and how they can affect others. He doesn't want us to lose hope. We learn that we can turn to God and rely on Him to get us out of our troubles. St. Benedict can lead the way towards God. 

Gospa Missions Amazing Grace Books & Gifts has St. Benedict medals along with other items which, when blessed, can help with any spiritual battles we may go through. 

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- By Ann Walker

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