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The Four Keys to Everlasting Love: How Your Catholic Marriage Can Bring You Joy for a Lifetime

The Four Keys to Everlasting Love: How Your Catholic Marriage Can Bring You Joy for a Lifetime

No marriage—even a sacramental one—is free from conflicts about sex, money, child-rearing, in-laws, and work/life balance.

Marriage columnist Karee Santos and her husband, Manuel, a psychiatrist who has been counseling couples for more than fifteen years, explore how applying the wisdom of the Catholic faith to marriage can free us to experience deep, lasting, and soul-satisfying love.

We live in a culture that doesn’t cherish the permanence of marriage. Even Catholics aren’t immune from the epidemic of divorce. But Pope St. John Paul II, in his Theology of the Body, calls engaged, newlyweds, and long-married couples alike to be “forever,” “faithful,” “fruitful,” and “free.” How can you maintain a healthy Catholic marriage when society is pushing against it?

In The Four Keys to Everlasting Love, the authors draw on real-life stories, scriptural principles, and the timeless wisdom of  Pope St. John Paul II to help you celebrate the sacrament of Marriage without downplaying the difficulties of married life. In doing so, they will inspire you to stay in love with each other, Christ, and the wisdom of the Church.

The Santoses tell their own story as well:

  • how they learned not to cling to personality, culture, or religious differences;
  • how they learned to put family first; how they overcame health crises that exacted a physical, emotional, and spiritual toll;
  • and how they navigated stressful holiday get-togethers with extended family. 

They let God transform them and make their marriage stronger. Each chapter provides discussion questions, action prompts, quotes from the Catechism of the Catholic Church and various popes, and additional online and print resources to stimulate the couple’s conversation, mutual understanding, and positive change. Free worksheets and other supplemental resources are available on the authors’ website,

Features & Benefits:

  • Divorce rates have tripled among Catholic couples since the 1970s. This resource for engaged and married couples offers faith-based advice on making their marriage last.
  • The authors call upon the writings of Pope St. John Paul II and his Theology of the Body.
  • The book is accessible enough to use individually or in small-groups.
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