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Written by a convert who became a priest, who then held seminars on Dante's Inferno by request of his seminarians. This book will answer the questions and curiosity that all of us have about that feared place called HELL.

 Hell and how to avoid it are perennial topics of interest for believing Christians and others. With good reason. Entire libraries have been written on the subject. Most people, even those familiar with his classic, do not realize that Dante Aligheri’s Divine Comedy, chock-full as it is of history and politics, is a masterpiece of spiritual writing. The most famous of his three volumes is the Inferno, an account of Dante's journey through the underworld, where he sees the horror of sin firsthand.

Join Dante —guided by the book's author, Oratorian Father Paul Pearson—and with him:

  1. learn that the sufferings of the souls in hell are the natural consequences of the spiritual disorder of their sinful actions.
  2. develop a profound hatred for sin, not merely because it offends God, but because it will destroy your soul and thwart your happiness, both on earth and for eternity.
  3. observe the horrible punishments of the damned and be shocked into a state of enlightened self-interest. armed with the knowledge of what sin does to us,
  4. resolve to fight against it with all your strength. realize that this literary journey through hell is intended to lead you to heaven

A reading experience like no other, Spiritual Direction from Dante, will educate and entertain you, but most importantly, will help you avoid the inferno!

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