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Heirloom Rosary  Swarovski Crystal beads

Heirloom Rosary Swarovski Crystal beads

Handcrafted here in the USA this gorgeous rosary is made so it has biblical history and sacred qualities. Once you've held this in your hands you won't want to put it down! The brilliant colors of the exceptional quality of the Swarovski crystal beads serve as a beautiful reminder to pray. 

Each bead is wire-wrapped making it sturdy. It can handle your continued usage. Designed to last for generations, it's the one special item to become your very own family heirloom.

Inspired to utilize the stones and metals that are described in the Bible itself, this rosary is designed for quality, longevity, and richness of color. The color themes and metals mimic the splendor of the earth, the strength of the divine and the sacred.

An Angel Wing charm is attached to serve as a reminder for us to "share our wings with those who have lost their own. In other words, we are not angels, but we can be of great help to those around us. Share a helping hand, pray for someone in need and be present."

  1. Beads: Blue and garnet iridescent Swarovski 8mm crystal beads from Austria.
  2. Rosary Center: Solid bronze medal with hand-cast design depicting our Blessed Mother Mary.
  3. Crucifix: Made of solid bronze with a design depicting a rose at each end of the cross representing our Blessed Mother Mary.
  4. Gift box included.
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