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Fontanini Nativity Set - 5" Scale -11 pieces - Italian Stable

Fontanini Nativity Set - 5" Scale -11 pieces - Italian Stable

"Fontanini" one word describes it all. Fontanini is instantly recognizable because of its unique style. 

The tradition began in the late 1800s the setting a little town called Bagni di Lucca in Tuscany, Italy. Emanuele Fontanini began these figures by just creating crèche figures. In the 1900s he opened his first shop which soon developed into a company. It has remained a family run company ever since!

This Nativity set is sure to add a warm touch of the birth of Jesus to your home or as a gift to a newly married couple to start them on their own family traditions!

The beauty of Fontanini is you don't have to settle for just the pieces featured you can add to your Nativity scene! Whether your family adds a new piece each year or several it is important to pass down our traditions as they bring warmth to our hearts and connect us to the ones we love!


  • Pieces: 11 
  • Features: Figure set with Italian Stable
  • Materials: Wood/Moss/Bark/Polymer
  • Dimensions: Stable: 11.5""H X 16.75""L X 8.5""D"
  • Dimensions: Figures:  5" scale


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