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How Building Forts, Reading Stories,Playing Ball, and Praying to God Can Change the World.

Western civilization has no more eloquent defender than Anthony Esolen. He has taken up its mantle and been persecuted for it.  Esolen knows the vital importance that the principles of western civilization still hold today. If we hope to regain today’s culture, we must remember the truths that have been relegated to yesterday.

Following on his prior work, Defending Marriage: Twelve Arguments for Sanity, Professor Esolen returns, this time in defense of boys and an experience of boyhood that is on the wane, if not extinguished in many quarters of the modern world—and to illuminate the threats our precious sons face from harridans, harpies, and all purveyors and promoters of political correctness and of the misguided and ultimately doomed-though not before it has done much mischief-project of blurring the distinctions between boys and girls.

Drawing on his own  all-American boyhood, Esolen, at times wistfully, or playfully, or  prophetically—in the literal sense of employing the thunder of an Old Testament prophet-details what a good boyhood once was and what it can be again. He does so in chapters inspiringly titled:

  •  The Arena to Enter
  •  Brothers to Gather
  •  Mountains to Climb
  • The Man to Follow
  •  Work to Do 
  • Songs to Sing
  •  Enemies to Slay
  •  Life to Give

Anthony Esolen prescribes a return to sanity to an insane world. He may not be able to change the world, but enter into the world of boyhood with him and he just might change you and the lives of the boys you love.

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