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Assumption Sculpture by Santini   - 16" H

Assumption Sculpture by Santini - 16" H

A stunning replica of the famed Murillo painting depicting the Assumption of Our Lady, but often titled, oddly enough, Immaculate Conception (one of two dozen he painted), created circa 1678 A.D.

Surrounded by cherubs, our richly-robed Blessed Mother floats toward heaven in a sea of clouds. Her eyes are riveted on her destination above. The original painting resides in Museo del Prado in Madrid, Spain, one of the most famous and most important museums in the world. 

This sculpture, by the well-known Italian artist, Ado Santini, brings dimension to the majestic image. It can surely add a whole new effect to your home, your office or your chapel. It is 16” tall and made from alabaster (a white mineral often used for carving and sculpting). Made in Italy, it is truly a beautiful classic image.

The event that the Murillo painting and this statue represent are most honored by the Church. The Assumption of Our Lady into Heaven is a holy day of obligation.

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