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St. Patrick, Patron Saint of Good Luck, is featured on a set of 3 golf balls. On the back of the package there is much information about this very famous and powerful saint. See below:

  • St Patrick, the Apostle of Ireland
  • His Feast day is March 17
  • Born in Scotland, at a time, when Ireland was a land of pagan kings and warriors.
  • At sixteen years old, he was captured by Irish raiders and sold as a slave in Ireland and forced to herd and tend sheep.
  • During his 6 years of captivity, he learned the language and practices of the Irish people and turned to God in prayer.
  • Ordained a priest and later consecrated a bishop, he was directed to take the Gospel to Ireland. For over 40 years he and his disciples preached and converted thousands and built churches all over Ireland.
  • By the end of his life, Ireland was almost completely Christian. He died March 17, 461, after years of living in poverty and enduring much suffering.

Ask Saint Patrick to help you improve your golf game, or give them as a gift to a friend or relative.

*Includes 3 golf balls.

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