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Book - Today I was Baptized - Ahern, Diane

Book - Today I was Baptized - Ahern, Diane

A children’s read aloud book about a baby’s baptism day. It is written from the baby's perspective. The story helps children to understand the Sacrament of Baptism and is especially helpful to prepare siblings for the Baptism of their new brother or sister.

Six short essays explain the significance and traditions associated with Baptism. The essays are “refreshers” for Christians who might not have thought about Baptism for a while, and can explain Baptism to individuals who have not received formal religious education.

– Why we Baptize
– Why and how we use water in Baptism
– The Baptism of Jesus Christ
– How Jesus conferred the right to Baptize to the Apostles
– Anointing with oil
– The Baptismal gown

It becomes a keepsake book with pages for parents and godparents to write their own special message to the baby, include photos of the day, insert a copy of the baptism certificate, and more. Today I Was Baptized makes the perfect gift and keepsake to commemorate this special day.

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