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Saint Joseph Orphanage

Ogoja, Nigeria, Africa

A question of effectiveness.. 

We have just about finished a very large project of building and supporting an orphanage in Ogoja, Nigeria, Africa, in Cross River State. Gospa Missions has focused much of its efforts on this worthwhile cause and begs your support. Children of the Orphanage


100% of your donation goes to the project! Who can beat that?

As Tom Rutkoski travels around the world, he will solicit help at all of his speaking engagements, but that isn't near enough. We ask you to sponsor a child at $20 a month, to support these children in need. As part of the Gospa Missions family, under the banner of Our Lady, you can do much in this world. For far too long Catholics have been statistically documented as giving only 1 percent of their income to charity. That is only one aspect of the problem.

When we do give, to whom do we give? If we give to the United Way, it is supporting Satan himself. Please do not do that. We could give directly to the American Cancer Society or the Muscular Dystrophy Association, two of the most popular causes, but is it money well spent? Time will tell whether donations to charities like these can help to fund a possible cure somewhere down the road.

In the case of our children in Africa, you would be making a donation that has an instant effect. You would be saving a life today, not hoping for a cure in the future. Gospa Missions passes on 100% of your designated donation to our orphanage in Nigeria. You don't have to wonder how much will actually reach the children. You are not paying big salaries to research doctors or buying administrators their next Mercedes Benz. You achieve instant success with 100% effectiveness and your donation is tax deductible. You can't do better than that. We simply ask you to pause before you donate anywhere else and think about what we, as a family, can do for these kids. If you wish to donate to the orphanage, please call, write, or e-mail us for information.  We ask your prayers also.

May God bless you in your decision. Thank you.

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Anthony Beren Anoh
Age: 20
DOB: Jan 4, 1995
Gender: Male
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