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Venerable Elena Aiello - Mystic, Stigmatic, Victim Soul, Prophet & Foundress - to be Beatified


Venerable Elena Aiello - Mystic, Stigmatic, Victim Soul, Prophet & Foundress - to be Beatified

(Venerable Elena Aiello will be declared Blessed on September 14, 2011 -Feast of the Exaultation of the Holy Cross. Because there is currently not much information in english on the Internet about her extraordinary holy life and prophecies, the webmaster was very happy when Elizabeth, a friend in Jesus, offered to write this excellent Biography. I am therefore very grateful to her for providing these edifying details of her life. May God bless and reward her for her efforts. -Editor)

The information contained in this abbreviated biography was taken from the book "The Incredible Life Story of Sister Elena Aiello, The Calabrian Holy Nun (1895-1961)". It was written by Monsignor Francesco Spadafora in Italian and was translated into English by Monsignor Angelo R. Cioffi. Fr. Spadafora was a renowned biblical scholar from the Pontifical University of the Lateran in Rome. He opposed modernism and while writing this book he was also battling the modernist approach to scripture that started to gain ground at the biblical institute.

Some saints live a heroic holy life in an ordinary way and some in an extraordinary way. Sister Elena Aiello, who was the Foundress of the Minim Tertiaries of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and a contemplative soul and a martyr to suffering, was called to live both and it is through her charity that her true greatness is achieved. She was well known in Italy and much of Europe and had many visitors comparable to the crowds that visited Theresa Neumann and St. (Padre) Pio...

Her Extraordinary Charity
Her desire to be a nun was now her goal but was forced by her father to delay it due to foreign complications which led to the 1915 World War. During this fruitful delay, she helped refugees, prisoners and nursed invalids and the dying heedless of the dangers to herself in catching any contagious illnesses. Thus began her journey on the road to a life of charity. She particularly often hurried to the bedside of the dying who refused the sacraments. One day she met a man named Alessandro, a freemason. She tried gently to persuade him to receive the Sacraments but he firmly said, “No.” She continued to plead with him and his response was to take a bottle and fling it at her. It struck her in the neck and while holding her bleeding neck with a cloth she told him that “his soul was hanging on the edge of a precipice” and that she would not leave the room until he called for a Priest to come in. Finally the freemason became so moved by her charity, that he promised her that he would receive the Sacraments on the one condition, that she herself would assist him every day. He repented, received the Sacraments from the Priest, and she cared for him for 3 months. He died a fervent Christian bearing his sufferings with patience and resignation...

Called to suffer in reparation for the sins of the world
On the way home, Elena stopped in a church where St. Rita was venerated to beg her for a cure...In the process of trying to fulfill her promises to St. Rita, she experienced other spiritual phenomena. She told her confessor that Our Lord frequently admonished her to accept a new way of suffering and that He said “You are going to suffer. But fear not. Yours shall not be a malady but only the symbol of charity. I shall permit you to experience My very sadness and on Friday you will be more united to Me.”

Elena receives the Crown of Thorns and the Stigmata
On the First Friday in March about 3:00 pm in the afternoon, while lying in bed due to the cancerous pain in her left shoulder, and while reading the ninth Friday in honor of St. Francis of Paola, Our Lord appeared to her in a white garment and wearing a crown of thorns. On being assured of her consent, Our Lord removed the crown from His Head and placed it on Elena’s head. Then a large quantity of blood started to flow. Our Lord told her that He wished her to suffer for the conversion of sinners and for the many sins of impurity. He wanted her to be a victim in order to appease Divine Justice...

Prophecies revealed to Elena
In 1940, Sister Elena was directed by Our Lord to take a more public role and to deliver a message to Premier Benito Mussolini, telling him not to join with Hitler in World War II. 
Otherwise, Italy would suffer a terrible defeat and Mussolini would be punished by Divine Justice and have a speedy downfall. But he ignored the warning, and all that was foretold came to pass...

Messages from the Blessed Virgin Mary
Sister Elena’s spiritual advisors wondered why there was so much blood involved in her mystical
phenomena. It was concluded that future events were very serious based on the messages that
Sister Elena was receiving from Heaven. Sister Elena herself felt that the blood indicated the
need for more reparation for the crimes of our day and tied it in with the grave messages she was receiving. Here are some notable excerpts of a message from the Blessed Virgin Mary to Sister Elena:

“People are offending God too much. Were I to show you all the sins committed on a
single day, you would surely die of grief. These are grave times. The world is thoroughly
upset because it is in a worse condition than at the time of the deluge. Materialism marches
on ever fomenting bloody strifes and fratricidal struggles. Clear signs portend that peace is
in danger. That scourge, like the shadow of a dark cloud, is now moving across mankind:
only my power, as Mother of God, is preventing the outbreak of the storm. All is hanging
on a slender thread. When that thread shall snap, Divine Justice shall pounce upon the
world and execute its dreadful, purging designs. All the nations shall be punished because
sins, like a muddy river, are now covering all the earth.

“The powers of evil are getting ready to strike furiously in every part of the globe.
Tragic events are in store for the future. For quite a while, and in many a way, I have
warned the world. The nation’s rulers do indeed understand the gravity of these dangers,
but they refuse to acknowledge that it is necessary for all people to practice a truly
Christian life to counteract that scourge. Oh, what torture I feel in my heart, on beholding
mankind so engrossed in all kinds of things and completely ignoring the most important
duty of their reconciliation with God. The time is not far off now when the whole world
shall be greatly disturbed. A great deal of blood of just and innocent people as well as
saintly priests will be poured out. The Church shall suffer very much and hatred will be at
its very peak”...

This Article Was Published On 14-Sep-2011

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